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Seriously Twitter… Hacked AGAIN?

August 6, 2009

Dead TwitterSo for those of us on the West coast, something interesting happened when we tried to login to our Twitter accounts this morning. And by interesting I mean a whole lot of nothing.

It was 9:36AM when I received the dreaded “This Web Page is Unavailable” message after I tried to login. Bah.

So of course I did the logical thing -I tried to login frantically seven more times before finally giving up and consulting a coworker about what was going on. She then kindly redirected me to the Twitter status page for updates where I saw the following:

Twitter's under attack! Run for cover!

Twitter's under attack! Run for cover!

…Defend?… Recover?… Attack?! Are you serious? AGAIN?? This must be the 4th time that Twitter has been attacked in what seems like an endless parade of security and API problems for the company ever since it really started to take off… DDoS attacks may not be exactly hacking, but it certainly shows some vulnerability.



Facebook, Twitter – Not for the Pentagon

July 30, 2009

facebook, not anymoreThere’s an interesting article today in Wired magazine’s “DANGER ROOM.” Apparently our U.S. military is considering banning access to Facebook and Twitter within the walls of our Department of Defense.

I found it amusing that these “formidable” social networks are viewed as security threats for our massive Defense forces. I mean, the Pentagon is supposed to be top of the line right? Aren’t these the men and women who are supposed to protect us in case North Korea decides to send a nuke or something? What’s going on?