Yes, Microsoft fanboys exist.

We currently live in a tech age where Microsoft is better known as “Micro$oft”, and Macbook-and-iPhone-toting fans are eager to spread the love around for their darling fruit company. Microsoft is popularly considered to be uncool and evil – the software “man” that everyone wants to stick it to. Any pro-Microsoft dissenting voices are muffled under waves of criticism.

Since the web is brimming with Apple fanboys and fangirls. It makes me wonder about the Microsoft die-hards… do they even exist?

Yes, there have been missteps by Microsoft as I’m sure everyone is well versed in. However, there must still be fans left that are highly devoted to Microsoft’s mission: Creating software that works for anyone who wants to use it. Sometimes it’s important to remember that Microsoft was key in revolutionizing the idea of personal computers and laptops, as well as making strides in the software field. Because of this, Microsoft deserves some kudos.

Here are 5 indicators that Microsoft is appreciated by the company’s fanboys across the web…

1. They campaign to release Windows 7 early: Self-described “BIG Windows fan” Kelly Poe started a movement to collect votes petitioning for Windows 7’s early release. So far 3,003 voters have supported his cause. Check out the site here and show your support.

2. They name their children after Microsoft OS: One of the members of Microsoft’s Most Valuable Professional program (a site where “Microsoft experts [can] use, evangelize, and champion the company’s technologies”), Bill Simser, blogged about how he named his daughter “Vista Avalon Simser”. In addition to being named after Microsoft’s best OS, her middle name derives from the code name for the Windows Presentation Foundation – the graphical subsystem of .Net 3.0. Apparently if Bill, the father of Vista, had a son instead, the boy’s first name would be “Dev” (for developer) and his initials would have been DOS.

3. They re-imagine popular ad campaigns: So Microsoft gets a little more respect. (Created by zulittle from Worth1000.)

4. They get a company logo tattoo and keep it even after lay-offs: The Silicon Alley Insider tells us the poignant story of Dan Woodman, a man who started working for Microsoft in July of 2008 and was so excited about the company that he tattooed the old unofficial “blue monster” mascot onto his arm. Dan even blogged about his tattoo and his awesome job under the title: “I LOVE this company!” Unfortunately Dan was laid off six months later this past February along with thousands of others by Microsoft. Nevertheless, Dan is keeping his tattoo in hopes that one day he will return to Microsoft. He blogs:

“…The truth is, I haven’t regretted that tattoo since I got it and now is no exception.  The Blue Monster is staying.  🙂

Working at Microsoft has been the greatest experience of my life and I have no desire to forget about it.  And even if I don’t get back into Microsoft right away (which is, by the way, my plan!), then I have a reminder that even outside of Microsoft, I need to do my best to change the world every single day.”

5. They apologize to Microsoft for ever calling them evil: Fortune‘s Jon Fortt recently wrote an article comparing Apple to Napoleon the pig in Orwell’s classic “Animal Farm” – essentially commenting on how Apple is building power through manipulating and threatening others. He starts the article by issuing apologies to Microsoft on behalf of Silicon Valley for blaming Microsoft for trying to control the tech world. Fortt argues that Microsoft didn’t deserve all the heat since evidently Apple is doing worse with a lot less by trying to monopolize their power in the market by blocking competing software (like Google Voice) that is perfectly good. Moral of the story: Microsoft and Apple are really not so different.

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4 Comments on “Yes, Microsoft fanboys exist.”

  1. Stephan Says:

    #3 had me in stitches. And your final statement is so very true. Apple and Microsoft aren’t very different at all. For many of the things Microsoft has, Apple doesn’t. For example, more people have PCs than Macs. But for the 12 years I’ve owned a PC, have had to clean my hard drive because of viruses and spyware more than 4 times. This was with Norton. I’ve had a Mac for 5 years now going on 6, and never a problem. So I’ll pay the extra $400 for a Mac, ins and outs.

    I do love the Microsoft “I’m a PC” Ads, though. Those crack me up. Find any Microsoft fanboys with that tat?

  2. Chancellor D Says:

    I think you’re right Vickster – Microsoft and Apple really do have a lot in common. I mean, think about it – they’re both corporate giants trying to profit from the software trade. I would agree – Apple is steps ahead in its ability to “manipulate” public opinion, but hey, at least the stuff they produce is good. If I’m going to be used, I at least want to get a good OS out of it 🙂

  3. techwoo Says:

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