Twitter goes to Hollywood?

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First, let me just say I haven’t seen “Inglourious Basterds” yet. I seem to be a week behind on my new releases considering I just went to see “District 9” this past weekend. (INSERT TANGENT: Yes, the buzz is right. Excellent overall, though there are a couple plotlines where you really have to stretch your imagination… eerr, and beware of slight motion sickness at the beginning because of the quick cuts and camera shots while running. Probably just me though – I’m sensitive.)

Anyways, I’ve been excited for “Inglourious Basterds” ever since I first saw the trailer during previews for “Angels and Demons.” Over-the-top violence, quirky dark characters, history that doesn’t require knowing anything about actual history… I was sold. (Not to mention the fact I’m a huge Tarantino fanboy.) I expected a masterpiece. Hence my confusion when I read the LA Times review for the film with the tagline: “Quentin Tarantino’s WWII movie has blood, but its heart doesn’t beat.” Ouch.

I like the LA Times, but I don’t trust film critics. I read the review. The guy (Kenneth Turan) seemed to know what he was talking about, providing convincing evidence to back-up his argument. I thought, well I guess it won’t make that big of a splash then. I read the review on Friday, the 21st.

48 hours later, I see that “mini” reviews of “Inglourious Basterds” have taken over Twitter. It’s still going on actually. It’s been talked about so much that it’s jumped to Trending Topic status. (Huzzah! Joining “District 9″on the most popular list I might add.) The tweeple have spoken and the consensus is clear – everyone thought the film was terrific. (Just a few tweet examples: “Tarantino’s best since ‘Pulp Fiction'”, “Best film I’ve seen this year”, “Watching ‘Inglourious Basterds’ again for the 2nd time” … the list goes on.)

This one was my personal favorite: “I loved ‘Inglourious Basterds.’ I don’t care what anyone else says.” (…Because Twitter is showing this is a concern?)

Honestly I couldn’t find one hater. And I tried really, really hard to.

Apparently, Twitter has the power to change mediocre films into gold (perhaps not Oscar gold, but box office gold definitely). From this single social observation, I think we can scientifically conclude that social media “word-of-mouth”… or type in this case… does wonders for marketing, even when what you’re selling is less than stellar (so says LA Times). But not like we didn’t know this before since only about 128 blogs or so are centered around this idea.

BUT- what I am noticing that I think is so “Ooo-La-La” special is a strong push of Twitter usage towards the entertainment sector. Out of all the ideas, news out there that are tweet-able, more often than not I notice the most talked about topics center on entertainment – film, TV, celebs, you name it. In fact one of the best things that Twitter offers is the ease of which to stalk celebrities. Who can resist this? For those who’ve tried (like myself), we know it’s infinitely times easier to stalk celebs through Twitter than Facebook. (Thanks Trecia for pointing this out!) Off the top of my head, I actually can’t recall any celebs who have Facebook accounts. (But maybe I’m wrong?)

Sure, Twitter can be used for political activism and we’ve all read news about this. But I’m looking at the trending topics right now and I see: Pam Bobblehead, Jay-Z, the aforementioned Inglourious Basterds, District 9, Project Runway, Demi Lovato, the list goes on. As we observe how Twitter makes a transition into a network that earns profits, perhaps we shall see it capitalize on having an entertainment niche. Just like how MySpace is attempting to establish itself as a network for video games. (You heard right, video games – not music. Did anyone else know about this?)

So watch out for it – Twitter, the social network where entertainment reigns.

Anyways, after I go to the movies this weekend, I’m excited to join in the chorus with my own tweet: “OMG! Tarantino’s ‘Basterds’ is epic!”

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3 Comments on “Twitter goes to Hollywood?”

  1. Chancellor D Says:

    I completely agree. The influence of social media websites like Twitter on a movie’s popularity is astounding. And I see where you’re coming from when you say, “I don’t trust film critics.” Neither do I. Sometimes I feel as if they’d rather write a review that sounds “intelligent” instead of one that is accurate. One critic that I’ve always seen eye-to-eye with, however, is Roger Ebert. He’s one of the select few film critics who sees movies for what they are – beautiful works of art. He also has a wonderful blog which is second to none (except for this blog, of course 🙂

    • Vickster Says:

      Dear Chancellor D,

      You’ve officially made it on my top 10 coolest list (which remains unpublished and in my head, but you’re on it). Thanks for the support, and the link. I expected a witty film review, but I see the blog is so much more. I’ll need to keep up with it.

  2. bbrian017 Says:

    @Chancellor that also works both ways! Twitter would be nothing if it wasn’t for opera and Aston couther talking about! Look at Larry king too these guys made twitter. It’s no wonder why it affect so many things so easily and sways the opinion of a large audience.

    Interesting how twitter can sway ones opinions about going to see a movie but again twitter shoudl be as powerful as word of mouth is.

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