Windows 7 Coolest Highlights

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It’s so new and shiny!


Welcome to a fresh and hip look for Windows 7 – it’s popularly anticipated as the best OS that Microsoft has created thus far. Comparable in look and feel to Mac OS X Leopard, the user experience with Windows 7 will be akin to play-time with a new toy.

A lot of people are talking, writing, blogging and even making videos of the new features available in 7. After checking out Wired magazine’s in depth “First Look” on this new OS – we were inspired to give a shout-out to the features that we’re most excited to play with. Join us in the fun waiting for it’s official public release on October 22, ’09.

These clever new Windows management tools will make the user experience very pleasant:

Aero Peek: An outline display provides a thumbnail preview of all your open windows behind your active window. Very convenient since you don’t have to remember what content is kept in the minimized window tabs anymore.

Aero Snap: So useful for those who like having split screens to multi-task. You can use this Snap feature to drag and snap your working window into place on either sides of your screen.

Aero Shake: Such a fun and unique idea! When you click on a window and shake it (yes, shake it) – all the windows behind it will minimize. No more going through and having to minimize each one separately. Minimizing windows is also made more exciting since they turn into small squares on your task bar, each with representative shiny little icons.

There’s an addition of a search bar that pops up when you click the “start” button. It makes it infinitely times easier to sift through your files and find what you’re looking for.

Memory management has also been re-thought in Windows 7. It used to be that all applications and windows you have open take up your memory, even if they’re minimized. Now, you no longer have to close windows to make your system run faster. Instead, 7 allows only active windows and applications to use video memory – so that when you minimize windows, they won’t be clogging up your speed anymore.

There’s a new Windows Media Center that makes it easier to browse your collection of entertainment pieces (music, photos, movies,etc). It’s similar to Apple’s Front Row and organizes your collection with thumbnails in an attractive presentation. But the BEST PART of this center is the new media-streaming capability that allows your media to play on your TV (if it’s Wi-Fi enabled). Thank you, Microsoft.

And of course, the user is rewarded with an extra perk if you use Internet Explorer 8. With 7, hovering over the IE browser icon will make all your active tabs appear in a stacked preview. This lets you go directly to the tab of interest with no side-tracks.

Lastly, since I’m a huge graphic art nut, the thing that excites me the most about 7 is their collection of unique and exciting desktop backgrounds they offer for user personalization. Wired describes them as “… freaky, bizarre, fascinating, disturbing and, in some odd way, beautiful at the same time.” Right up my alley. A lot of the “Character” designs remind me of creations from Kidrobot or Tokidoki. It makes sense since Microsoft collected these desktop designs from artists around the world. Check them out. Some of my personal favs are below:

Paul Hwang and Benjamin Lee of Nanosphere (Los Angeles, California)

by Paul Hwang and Benjamin Lee of Nanosphere (Los Angeles, CA)

by Osmand Nosse (Wicklow, Ireland)

by Osmand Nosse (Wicklow, Ireland)

by Kai and Sunny (London, England)

by Kai and Sunny (London, England)

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9 Comments on “Windows 7 Coolest Highlights”

  1. That looks cool and much better than vista.

    • SocialBee Vicki Says:

      Definitely much better in many ways than Vista. It’s convinced me to wait until after 7’s release to get a new laptop.

      • I didn’t realize the release date was so close! I was actually looking for new laptops today on and most of them come with a free upgrade to windows 7 when it comes out. Very excited.

  2. Chancellor D Says:

    Windows 7 is definitely an improvement, but Microsoft is still leaps and bounds behind Apple. Sure, Macs are a little more expensive, but you pay for what you get!

    • SocialBee Vicki Says:

      Your comment reminds me of an article from Newsweek back in April: (still worth the read) … I agree there’s a certain aura that surrounds Apple products that makes them “oh-so-enticing”. The article says it’s unicorn tears; I think they may be right. I guess I’ll need to save up then eh?

  3. Chancellor D Says:

    Very interesting article. I agree, there’s a certain aura that surrounds Apple products which makes them more desirable. But it’s not just that. Both the hardware AND software that Apple sells is far superior to anything else. Say you have a Macbook Pro which sells for 2000 dollars. It has a 2.4Ghz dual core processor, 2GB of DDR2 RAM, and a 150GB solid state hard drive. Yeah, you could get a PC with those exact components for 700 dollars, but it still wouldn’t be the same. It would be like buying a tripped out Ford Taurus. Sure, you could make the Taurus go 0-60mph in the same amount of time as the BMW, but in terms of overall quality, it would still be lacking.

    • Vickster Says:

      It’s arguments like yours that make me really consider making “the switch.” You can be sure I’ll look into the Snow Leopard debut in Sept.

  4. Grace Says:

    It does look like Microsoft is trying to ooze into Apple’s demographic, since the economy is…well, what it is. But my dream computer is still the iMac (when I can actually afford one) -it’s nice to have a great looking computer to match the good-looking OS. PCs can be pretty, but at those prices, I feel like you may as well save up to get the Mac. 😛

    • Vickster Says:

      It will take more saving, but that leaves you time to observe both OS’s in action since Snow Leopard is coming out this week and Windows 7 soon after. Then we can see what other pros have to say 🙂

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