Top 5 Facebook apps that make business 2.0

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Ever try browsing Facebook applications for your business’ fan page? There’s something like 20 pages of applications to look through. No thanks.

So for your convenience, we’ve put together a list of what we think are the 5 best Facebook applications to make your business fan page 2.0 awesome. They’re guaranteed to make your fan page more robust and stand out among the crowd! (We hope.) Fans will flock to your site and your numbers will triple! (Probably not.) But really… these apps are available so why not take advantage of them?

Most Facebook applications that businesses would be interested in average around 2.5 out of 5 stars. This is actually a pretty solid rating considering many apps are developed by third parties (so sometimes experience glitches). Some apps have a 1 star rating which raises an eyebrow and are probably best avoided. The ones we’ve included in our list meet the average and most rate higher. They’re also high in monthly active users. Enjoy!

(And if none of the below strike your fancy, it never hurts to consult pages of similar businesses to yours and see what apps they’re using.)

1.  Define Me (2.6 stars/5)

An application that will provide your fans some interactive fun with a hint of danger (for you). The idea is users get to think up words to describe your business which then appear in a large cloud. More popular opinions are of course shown bigger in the cloud. It’s a great way for the community to get an honest assessment of what your business does and what the perceived culture is like. Also useful as organic branding research. The danger comes in since it allows anonymous users to define you – which sometimes results in unexpected/interesting cloud terms.

2. Testimonials (2.4 stars/5)

Your fans can write testimonials about their business experiences with this app. Their stories appear on your profile. Additionally, there is a democratic voting process in place to remove bad testimonials so fans can get involved with this aspect as well. (There is a similar app to this one called “I Endorse” which also facilitates testimonials, but there is an additional database feature that allows users to search businesses. Despite this added perk, “I Endorse” has only 128 active monthly users compared to the 60,000 who are dedicated to Testimonials. We suspect it has something to due with the app’s unusually long working name: “The Secret to Business Success: I Endorse.” It’s hard for such a mouthful to come up easily during searches.)

3. Static FBML (3.1 stars/5)

Unlike most other apps developed by third parties, Facebook personally created  this one to allow more customization for pages. Since Facebook likes to keep their look uniform and doesn’t allow html changes to the main content on profiles, they extend an olive branch in the form of this app which gives you a box to play with to your heart’s delight. You can add html, clickable or stylized ads, interactive video and whatever else you want to your business fan page. (Fyi, “Flash Player” is a similar app that gives you an easy way to specifically add flash games, widgets or videos as well.)

4. Promotions (4.6 stars/5)

This app provides your business with an easy way to create and launch interactive promotions and marketing campaigns in Facebook. You develop your creative sweepstakes, giveaways, contests, etc. at the outside site Wildfire Promotion Builder(it’s free) and then you publish the promotion to your Facebook page.

5. Networked Blogs (3.4 stars/5)

If you have a company blog you want to share with your fans on Facebook, then this is the perfect way to do it. This app is a visual blogroll that shares your blog as well as other blogs you like reading in a box on your profile. For those who want their blogs posted on their wall as “status” updates, consider the “Social RSS” app which ensures profile activity.

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