Best of the Best iPhone Apps (Not.)

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Ever since the rejection of the Google Voice app for the iPhone, it seems like Apple has risen to a new level of fascist control over what content does or does not gain entry into their smart phone application club.

The Apple app approval process has been strict from the get-go – but now it seems downright impossible for some developers to get a “yes”, even if their apps are worthwhile. This certainly is the case with Google Voice. And it’s no secret now that standing in the way is Apple’s BFF status with AT&T, particularly since one of the reasons Apple cited for rejecting the Google app was based on “duplicate features.” When an app offers users unlimited SMS texting and the associated phone service provider doesn’t, well, we see how that would be a problem. Additionally, Other iPhone apps that have been previously approved are now being rejected if they use Google Voice in any way. (Wow, really?)

Creative developers and users alike are upset that business politics are interfering with mobile tech innovation.  Who can blame them? With so many restrictions, it seems difficult for a truly unique and awesome app to reach the iPhone public if their ideas aren’t 100 percent in line.

Because of Apple’s rising app standards, we looked up what ingenious, cutting-edge, never-seen-before, KICK BUTT apps made it through the cut. Here’s a sample of what came up. We’d like to add our top 3 masterpiece apps we came across. Because really, they’ve just got to be the best of the best. (Or not.)

In addition to “Hold On!” and “iBeer,” there’s:

1. iJiggles-3D-Wobble (99 cents)

Move a target onto your image and watch that area jiggle. Very useful for jello. But apparently that’s not what most people are using it for.

2. ManPoke (99 cents)

An app to vent your frustrations. You get to poke that guy all you want. Amusing at first, but after a while, it just seems mean.

3. Zit Picker (99 cents)

The girl’s name is “Veronica” – help clear her skin. We found a video demonstrating this app on YouTube, but it was so darn gross we didn’t have the stomach to include it.

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3 Comments on “Best of the Best iPhone Apps (Not.)”

  1. Chancellor D Says:

    Best of the best:

    An application called “I’m rich.” Costs $999.99, and it does absolutely nothing except display a red jewel on your screen, so that other people can see how wealthy you are. Sadly, Apple recently discontinued it.


  2. loneplacebo Says:

    Try out “That’s what she said” app. It’s a button that when pressed, will respond with the infamous line.

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