5 Best iPhone Apps for IT

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There’s a smorgasbord of iPhone applications in the world – which can only lead to a download-happy user community. Don’t get lured into downloading or (worse) spending money on an app that turns out to be a mind-numbing waste of iPhone space.

For IT professionals, there’s always going to be iPhone enterprise mobility to help business flow, but these extra applications help spice things up and definitely add ease to work. AND they’re just so darn cool.

After sifting and review, here are our 5 picks for the best iPhone apps for the IT professional:

#1. FTP on the Go ($10)

Next time you’re away from your desk and your boss calls with a web site bug that needs immediate attention – no sweat – pull out your iPhone and go to this app. “FTP on the Go” is a must for any IT professional or Webmaster. It allows you to access your website and fix them through a built-in text editor in a safe and secure manner. For the low price, this is a great investment to keep you connected with your business.

#2. Documents-to-Go ($5)

Imagine an entire Microsoft Office suite on your iPhone. You can use this app to edit, create and view Word documents, as well as view and synchronize your Excel, PowerPoint, PDF and other files. It provides an easy way to send files using your existing e-mail account right from your iPhone.

#3. Salesforce Mobile (FREE)

Anyone who’s in sales or uses salesforce.com should get this app. It provides a great organizer tool for your leads, contacts, products, opportunities, phone calls, etc – and gives you access to them anytime, anywhere.

#4. Evernote (FREE)

This app lets you jot down notes that will synchronize across your iPhone, Mac, or PC so there’s no need to write down items multiple times. Also unlike other note-taking apps, it’s easy to find information you’ve saved later on Evernote. Nice.

#5. StageHand ($8)

Your presentations will never be the same with this app. With “Stage Hand” you can leave your laptop and click through presentation slides with your iPhone. In addition, you can forget the cue cards since the app allows you to make speaking notes for each slide on your phone. If information on slides need extra emphasis during the presentation, you can also conveniently highlight items with your finger on your iPhone and make them appear on the slide.

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