Seriously Twitter… Hacked AGAIN?

Dead TwitterSo for those of us on the West coast, something interesting happened when we tried to login to our Twitter accounts this morning. And by interesting I mean a whole lot of nothing.

It was 9:36AM when I received the dreaded “This Web Page is Unavailable” message after I tried to login. Bah.

So of course I did the logical thing -I tried to login frantically seven more times before finally giving up and consulting a coworker about what was going on. She then kindly redirected me to the Twitter status page for updates where I saw the following:

Twitter's under attack! Run for cover!

Twitter's under attack! Run for cover!

…Defend?… Recover?… Attack?! Are you serious? AGAIN?? This must be the 4th time that Twitter has been attacked in what seems like an endless parade of security and API problems for the company ever since it really started to take off… DDoS attacks may not be exactly hacking, but it certainly shows some vulnerability.

The last time was this past July when the hackers leaked more embarassing than damaging info about the company, namely financial projections of the company’s earnings in a couple years. By the end of next year, Twitter was hoping to make about $140 million. (Also did you know Twitter was planning to pitch a TV show idea around their microblogs? So… what would we be watching exactly?)

Twitter classified the attack as an ongoing  “denial-of-service” attack. Basically this means that somewhere out there, a bunch of hackers (or maybe it’s just one) are laughing their butts off.

No one could login to Twitter because hackers were bombarding the site with questions and meaningless requests, forcing the system to shut down to avoid going bonkers. This makes access for the rest of us genuine and devoted Twitter users impossible -or- making things run really… really… really… slow.

In spite of this morning’s attack, I remain optimistic that Twitter will make a swift recovery and I’ll have access to my celebrity tweets at 100% very soon.

However the question lingers in the back of my mind: When will the next hacker swing by and shut down the system?

Because honestly, Twitter’s security track record is downright sucky.

Click here for more news regarding the hack.

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2 Comments on “Seriously Twitter… Hacked AGAIN?”

  1. Ted Says:

    I’ll keep using Twitter because these hacks don’t affect my personal info in any way, just the company really.

    • SocialBee Vicki Says:

      True. The madness really starts though when hackers start spamming your followings with unsavory links like I mentioned in this blog.

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