How I was tricked into watching a MySpace commercial. Arg.

Did anyone else notice this?… Who went to see “Funny People” this weekend?

First, let me say that overall I quite enjoyed the Sandler and Rogen comedy. I know it’s been receiving mixed reviews from the critics, but I’m a fan of Judd Apatow’s latest effort to appear more serious than his usual stoner-type pictures.

What confused me was in the middle of the film: The two characters end up at a MySpace corporate event to do stand-up… and then conveniently spend 10 minutes making jokes about MySpace.

Check out a snippet below:

Vodpod videos no longer available.

Don’t get me wrong – the jokes were funny. There were some amusing comparisons between MySpace’s Tom with CraigsList’s Craig.

What irked me was I suddenly felt like I was watching a product placement for MySpace that was recruiting me to join their “cooler-than-cool” ranks. And to hate Facebook. The message felt obvious. I didn’t like it.

MySpace swears they didn’t pay for this commercial though. (Ha.)

Ever since Facebook, MySpace has only seen its users decline… most of them switching to Facebook and not looking back. They’ve slid into second (or is it third?) in the social networking totem. This past April, where Facebook had more than 307 million unique visitors, MySpace had less than 125 million according to comScore.

While news like this does make you feel for MySpace – which is probably why they must stoop to the levels of product placement in film – it does not mean I want to sit through a “I love MySpace” rant in the middle of a $12 movie.

Perhaps MySpace should consider a mass clearing of the creepers and fakers in their network as a better method of getting back on top?

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